I LOVEEE Chiffon!!!!!


It’s official…. I need to go to rehab for my chiffon addiction!

Everyone  goes through fashion phase at some point of their lives or throughout their lives. I went from loving lace to loving chiffon.
There’s just something about the material feels great one your skin without being too smooth and soft like silk or satin ( not saying silk or satin is bad). I have chiffon everything from chiffon shirts and blouses to chiffon maxi dresses.  I LOVEEEE IT!!!!!

I am not ashamed of my chiffon addiction…. Whoever created that fabric was a freaking genius.




Managing Your Stress


I am a third year student at a university and I think I have experienced more than enough stressful situations to be able to write an article on how to cope.

I highly doubt there is anyone in this world or anyone reading this blog who hasn’t been put in a stressful situation. For example, next week is finals week and I have tons of projects and exams I need to complete before taking my ACTUAL final exams. My stress level has risen 10x in the past 2 weeks. Despite having experience with being put in stressful situations, it never gets easier. And these methods of coping with stress doesn’t only have to apply to college students as myself. These methods are universal ways for EVERYONE to cope and overcome stress!!!!!!!

1.) Talk to your professors/boss/family/friends


One thing that I’ve learned in my almost 21 years, is that communication is key!!!!!! If you really need help, ASK FOR HELP. This is go for anything. If you need extra help or having trouble, go talk to your professor!!!! Don’t wait until the last minute to do so. Do this beginning or mid semester to help prevent last minute stress and to show your professor that you care and that you are trying, so that when it is close to finals week and if you are struggling or having issues, they will be more willing to offer assistance.

2.) Give Yourself Time


This  piece of advice kind of reflects a little more on the previously given advice. Although in some case it can be really hard for you to give yourself time and get things done way ahead of time. Try to fight the urge to procrastinate!!!!! Because if you wait to the last minute to do certain things it’s just going to cause a lot of unnecessary and preventable stress. This is ESPECIALLY for college students. Most of us are busy or we are just too lazy to do things before hand and that’s where many college students go wrong. For instance, do not wait until the week before finals to try to get 10 due assignments done. Or in other cases, wait until the last minute to get missing work done. Save yourself some time and stress and just get all of these stuff out of the way before it’s too late or before you lose your mind….. which ever comes first!!!!!


sleeping lady

I think I speak for majority of the population when I say “I LOVE SLEEPING”. . I can go on and on about how good sleep is, but the sad part of it is that most of us don’t get enough of it. The ideal amount of sleep you should get a night is between 6-9 hours. Personally, I get about 6-7 hours of sleep each night, this does not include naps. When I was in kindergarten I never wanted to sleep during nap time, but now all I want to do is NAPPPPPP!!!!! Even though it feels good to do it, it’s not really the best thing you can do. So, if possible avoid napping too often.

4.)Fitness and Eating right

Instructor Taking Exercise Class At Gym

Many of us already know that exercising helps reduce stress and depending on what kind of work out you do it can be an outlet of frustration and anger. You don’t even have to do an extensive work out, just 10-30 mins a day or every other day will do the job. Also, reducing your intake of junk and fatty foods will help out a lot. If you don’t know where to start off you can click here and it will take you to the Health and Fitness category of Pinterest, and give you some ideas of what foods you can eat and what exercises you can perform to help reduce or prevent stress.

5.) Keep Going and Work Hard


If all else fails and you still feel overwhelmed and stressed, just push through it and don’t give up. I know it’s easy to want to give up when you are going through a stressful time, but remember the end results will be worth it. We all have the ability to overcome our stress!!!!! And if you see someone who is experiencing a hard time or stress, offer some help or just listen to them. This could be your good deed!!!!

Please remember that I am not an expert, these just simply just tips and preventative measures that have worked for me. I hope this helped and I hope you can help someone!!!!  If you have any questions feel free to comment below ❤


Control Weight Gain During Holidays

Tis’ the season to get chubby…..

Whether you celebrate holidays or not, this is around the time of year when people seem to rapidly put on a few pounds.  For college students such as myself, it is hard to fight the urge to stuff your face when you get home for Thanksgiving and Winter break.  As college students we tend to stuff our faces with the cheapest and most affordable food we can find and majority of the time it’s the most unhealthiest foods.  So, obviously when we make it home for these individual breaks we tend to over indulge ourselves with the most rich and fatty quality foods. It’s only right because who knows when’s the next time we will receive such a big home cooked meal.

BUT, for some…. they couldn’t agree less. Weight gain is one thing that most people all over the world fear. Here are a few tips to control and avoid weight gain during the holidays and throughout the year.

1.) Eat In Portions

Portion eating is a great way to avoid unwanted weight gain and still eat what you want. Many people all around the world swear by the portion control system. The image above pretty explain how much of what you should be eating.

2.)Working Out

Working out is the most obvious method I could possibly think of. It is said that if you eat an hour before and within the hour of working it helps keeps your metabolism going (in this case try to not over eat if you plan on doing this). Working out helps promote bowel movements and keeps your digestive system moving, which is a very important part of being a living creature on this Earth.  Also, if you have already gained weight you can just do your best and work off all the extra weight you’ve gained.

3.) Avoid Sleeping After Eating and Late Night Snacks

This is probably one of the worst things you could do!!!!! You chances of getting heart burn or indigestion go WAY up.

Sleep is the time for your body to recovery from all the torture you’ve put it through while conscious, so when you eat right before you go to bed you are not giving your body the proper resting period it needs and it also can lead you to break out overnight.
Even though your bodily functions are still going on while you are sleep, you are not being physical, you body is laying down for several hours with minimum movement, all those calories you just took in will become stored energy which is basically a nice way of saying FAT.


Water is vital to all life forms on Earth including us!!!!!
But water really helpful with trying to control your weight. Water helps keep your body and it’s organs hydrated and fully functional. So, drinking water keeps help promote bowel movements. Also, if you drink water during a meal, it will help give you fol your body that it is full, and it will help reduce the amount of food you take in.

5.) Just Slow Down and Pace Yourself……

Common mistake for most people. Majority of the time we don’t even realize that we are doing this.
The best way to solve this is to just pace yourself. Taking your time eating helps give the illusion that you are full and you will not be tempted to go back for seconds and even thirds.

Please remember that everyone is different and this does NOT guarantee that you will NOT gain weight, these just simply just tips and preventative measures. I hope this helped!!!!  If you have any questions feel free to comment below ❤


Cheap Halloween Costumes!!!!!

If you are a broke or just a cheap college student like the other 90% of college students population and you love dressing up for Halloween then this is the article for you!!!!!

I’m sure you know the feeling of walking into a Halloween store or any store and seeing a costume that you just LOVE, and you look at the price and it says $60 and your heart just drops. Then you think to yourself, either I could buy this costume and eat Ramen noodles for the next two weeks or I can be SMART.  I’m going to give you a few ideas for homemade and very cheap costume ideas for men and women.

80’s Workout

Honestly, getting this look is not hard.  Men all you need are a pair of old school basketball shorts that go so high your junk is almost hanging out and a form fitting tank top (See Richard Simmons)!!!!! And Ladies you can get a cheap leotard from somewhere like WalMart or Target, and add some bright leggings and leg warmers and BAM!!! You’re totally 80’s baby!!!! Both men and women can add a headband and hairspray for that  little extra kick  your costume needs.

Boxes Of Candy

Most of us college students need to get smart like these kids and their parents and make our costumes!!! All you really need is a box that you can fit into, scissors and paints. I mean I hope you guys have the artistic ability to do low end drawings. This is very creative and cute. You can also do this with clothing women you can do this with a dress and men you could do this with a shirt or dress whatever floats your boat. If you want to do this to some type of clothing you can go to your local craft or fabric store and buy fabric paint and work your magic.


When you go out for Halloween you’ll probably see at least a 40 people dressed up as a nerd.  You can just go through your closet and pick out stuff that just does not match, have your socks way past your ankles and pull your pants all the way up until you can have camel toe(even men can get camel toe). For the glasses many stores like Hot Topic, Spencer’s, Claire’s and even Dollar Stores sell big nerd glasses. This is also a common costume that can easily become slutty. In the Mean Girl world dressing slutty for Halloween is the only way to go.


This is the most common costume I’ve EVER seen. I promise you, you will not have any problems trying to find Waldo Go to almost any college campus and you will see not 40, not 80, but MILLIONS of Waldos. If this isn’t the easiest costume then I don’t know what is. Most people already have the red and white sweaters in their closets, if not there’s always WalMart or Target and even thrift stores. Honestly, if you really wanted to you could probably get the whole outfit from a thrift store. And for the glasses you can just got to a Halloween store and get them for pretty cheap.

These were just some ideas. If you guys want another post of more ideas, just comment and let me know!!! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this!!!! ❤