The Right to be Natural


The United States has prided itself on being one of the most racially diverse countries in the world. For centuries millions of African Americans have lost their lives and suffered for the right of equality and fairness in a Caucasian owned country.

Sure, slavery was abolished in 1865, and the Civil Rights Movement ended in 1968 but the fact is America is not as liberal and racially unbiased as its lead on to be.

On April 1 the U.S Army updated its Army Regulation 670-1, a code of conduct that explains rules and regulations that each soldier must obey including hairstyles wore by soldiers. According to the new regulations, hairstyles commonly favored by African American women have been strictly prohibited and soldiers found in violation will face non-judicial punishment from commanders in the form of administrative discipline.

With the approximately 44.5 million African American inhabiting America, one would assume that there would be a better understanding the African American culture and traditions. African Americans have been wearing protective hairstyles such as twist, dreadlocks and braids for hundreds of years because of the unique growth pattern of kinky/curly hair.

Sgt. Jasmine Jacobs, of the National Guard, began a White House petition that calls for the U.S Army to reconsider their decision to prohibit the African-American friendly hairstyles.

“Most black women, their hair doesn’t grow straight down, it grows out,” she said. “I’m disappointed to see the Army, rather than inform themselves on how black people wear their hair, they’ve white-washed it all.”

On one hand, there is no way for an African American woman with natural hair to achieve the approved hairstyles without cutting off their hair, wearing a wig or chemically altering their hair. On the other hand, this should come as no surprise from a predominately Caucasian profession.

“Females with natural hair take strides to style their natural hair in a professional manner when necessary; however, changes to AR 670-1 offer little to no options for females with natural hair,” Jacobs states in the petition.

Regulations or not, the miseducation of many may lead to the oppression of a third of the female population in the army. Caring for black hair is an intense and time consuming process that if not done right would result in severely damaged hair, but it’s often eased by the hairstyles that are banned by the U.S Army.

Since African American hair does not have the same growth formation as Caucasian hair, it is understandable how black hair could get in the way of headgear. By braiding or twisting hair could be an easy solution for that problem. Most African American women that don’t chemically relax their hair have issues with pulling their hair up in styles such as a bun or ponytails because of the fullness and texture of their hair. Depending on the length and fullness of a black woman’s hair it could take up to two hours to straighten their hair using a hot-comb or flat iron. With the time restrictions that branches of military face that is an unreasonable amount of time to spend on your hair.

If hairstyles like ponytails and buns, that are convenient for Caucasian or other races that are known for having fine hair, were banned there would be utter chaos. The United States Army made a huge mistake by putting these restrictions into action. In their world there is no room for individuality only uniformity and it is about time that someone has brought this issue to light. African American women will continue to be disregarded unless a change is made starting here with the U.S Army.


Holy Peplum!!!!!!


A-list celebrities are always coming up with new trends that begin to take over the fashion industry.

The peplum trend has taken over almost every woman’s closest. Whoever invented the peplum is a genius!!!! It something you could wear to the club, work, wedding, etc…. I think you get the point!!!!! A peplum dress or shirt looks GREAT on just about anyone….  If you keep up with celebrities or fashion, you would know that Kim Kardashian is the Queen of Peplums. Although she is a thicker woman with junk in the trunk and she looks fabulous in any type of peplum, they look work just as good on skinnier girl (i.e me)



Most people like to think of color blocking as a spring thing, but I like to think outside of the box and do it whenever I feel it would acceptable. The mint green peplum with the embellished collar area give a cute classy look.  Wearing ripped jeans gives the look more of a laid back feel that is also comfy. The coral pumps just gives us a playful look and they just work well with the mint. Since the embellished peplum has a lot going on, the jewelry should be simple and straight to the point!!!


I hope this inspires someone to REALLY think outside the box with this look and maybe give the peplum a try!!!! ❤



Managing Your Stress


I am a third year student at a university and I think I have experienced more than enough stressful situations to be able to write an article on how to cope.

I highly doubt there is anyone in this world or anyone reading this blog who hasn’t been put in a stressful situation. For example, next week is finals week and I have tons of projects and exams I need to complete before taking my ACTUAL final exams. My stress level has risen 10x in the past 2 weeks. Despite having experience with being put in stressful situations, it never gets easier. And these methods of coping with stress doesn’t only have to apply to college students as myself. These methods are universal ways for EVERYONE to cope and overcome stress!!!!!!!

1.) Talk to your professors/boss/family/friends


One thing that I’ve learned in my almost 21 years, is that communication is key!!!!!! If you really need help, ASK FOR HELP. This is go for anything. If you need extra help or having trouble, go talk to your professor!!!! Don’t wait until the last minute to do so. Do this beginning or mid semester to help prevent last minute stress and to show your professor that you care and that you are trying, so that when it is close to finals week and if you are struggling or having issues, they will be more willing to offer assistance.

2.) Give Yourself Time


This  piece of advice kind of reflects a little more on the previously given advice. Although in some case it can be really hard for you to give yourself time and get things done way ahead of time. Try to fight the urge to procrastinate!!!!! Because if you wait to the last minute to do certain things it’s just going to cause a lot of unnecessary and preventable stress. This is ESPECIALLY for college students. Most of us are busy or we are just too lazy to do things before hand and that’s where many college students go wrong. For instance, do not wait until the week before finals to try to get 10 due assignments done. Or in other cases, wait until the last minute to get missing work done. Save yourself some time and stress and just get all of these stuff out of the way before it’s too late or before you lose your mind….. which ever comes first!!!!!


sleeping lady

I think I speak for majority of the population when I say “I LOVE SLEEPING”. . I can go on and on about how good sleep is, but the sad part of it is that most of us don’t get enough of it. The ideal amount of sleep you should get a night is between 6-9 hours. Personally, I get about 6-7 hours of sleep each night, this does not include naps. When I was in kindergarten I never wanted to sleep during nap time, but now all I want to do is NAPPPPPP!!!!! Even though it feels good to do it, it’s not really the best thing you can do. So, if possible avoid napping too often.

4.)Fitness and Eating right

Instructor Taking Exercise Class At Gym

Many of us already know that exercising helps reduce stress and depending on what kind of work out you do it can be an outlet of frustration and anger. You don’t even have to do an extensive work out, just 10-30 mins a day or every other day will do the job. Also, reducing your intake of junk and fatty foods will help out a lot. If you don’t know where to start off you can click here and it will take you to the Health and Fitness category of Pinterest, and give you some ideas of what foods you can eat and what exercises you can perform to help reduce or prevent stress.

5.) Keep Going and Work Hard


If all else fails and you still feel overwhelmed and stressed, just push through it and don’t give up. I know it’s easy to want to give up when you are going through a stressful time, but remember the end results will be worth it. We all have the ability to overcome our stress!!!!! And if you see someone who is experiencing a hard time or stress, offer some help or just listen to them. This could be your good deed!!!!

Please remember that I am not an expert, these just simply just tips and preventative measures that have worked for me. I hope this helped and I hope you can help someone!!!!  If you have any questions feel free to comment below ❤