Newest Trend in Hollywood: Pixie Cut


You may of thought that pixie cuts were of the 90’s and no one would ever where them again but think again it’s making a MAJOR comeback!

In recent years, we have seen celebs like P!nk, Emma Watson and Carey Mulligan rock the daring hair-do. Fans did not really take notice until last year when Miley Cyrus decided that it was time to throw out the hair extensions and bleach it up.

The trend has gotten so big that now you can barely turn the pages of a entertainment magazine and not see a  female celebrity with a pixie cut.

I am not quite sure how long this trend is going to go on for but for those who do the big chop remember that “If you don’t like it you can always put a weave on it”.

That is exactly what Beyonce! In August, the singer decided to go short but just a week later she was seen with a short bob haircut. Queen Bey is known for wearing lace wigs, and by me  being a weave-ologist,  I could tell right away that the pixie cut was merely a lace wig.

Personally, I did the big chop twice in my life. Once when I was 13 and again a month before my 21st birthday in April. I can speak from personal experience that the short pixie cut does not work for everyone.

There are certain features you must have to pull off the look. As I search through pictures of celebrities with the pixie cut and I think the hairstyle fit them properly but then I came across a photo of Pixie Geldof ( ironic name right!!) with the pixie cut and I must say it DOES NOT work well with her facial structure.

My point is that yeah this trend is beyond chic and it’s beautiful, but not everyone can pull off the look! I give this trend a few more months and it will be long gone and everyone is back to long hair. Just wait and see.


I LOVEEE Chiffon!!!!!


It’s official…. I need to go to rehab for my chiffon addiction!

Everyone  goes through fashion phase at some point of their lives or throughout their lives. I went from loving lace to loving chiffon.
There’s just something about the material feels great one your skin without being too smooth and soft like silk or satin ( not saying silk or satin is bad). I have chiffon everything from chiffon shirts and blouses to chiffon maxi dresses.  I LOVEEEE IT!!!!!

I am not ashamed of my chiffon addiction…. Whoever created that fabric was a freaking genius.



Cheap Halloween Costumes!!!!!

If you are a broke or just a cheap college student like the other 90% of college students population and you love dressing up for Halloween then this is the article for you!!!!!

I’m sure you know the feeling of walking into a Halloween store or any store and seeing a costume that you just LOVE, and you look at the price and it says $60 and your heart just drops. Then you think to yourself, either I could buy this costume and eat Ramen noodles for the next two weeks or I can be SMART.  I’m going to give you a few ideas for homemade and very cheap costume ideas for men and women.

80’s Workout

Honestly, getting this look is not hard.  Men all you need are a pair of old school basketball shorts that go so high your junk is almost hanging out and a form fitting tank top (See Richard Simmons)!!!!! And Ladies you can get a cheap leotard from somewhere like WalMart or Target, and add some bright leggings and leg warmers and BAM!!! You’re totally 80’s baby!!!! Both men and women can add a headband and hairspray for that  little extra kick  your costume needs.

Boxes Of Candy

Most of us college students need to get smart like these kids and their parents and make our costumes!!! All you really need is a box that you can fit into, scissors and paints. I mean I hope you guys have the artistic ability to do low end drawings. This is very creative and cute. You can also do this with clothing women you can do this with a dress and men you could do this with a shirt or dress whatever floats your boat. If you want to do this to some type of clothing you can go to your local craft or fabric store and buy fabric paint and work your magic.


When you go out for Halloween you’ll probably see at least a 40 people dressed up as a nerd.  You can just go through your closet and pick out stuff that just does not match, have your socks way past your ankles and pull your pants all the way up until you can have camel toe(even men can get camel toe). For the glasses many stores like Hot Topic, Spencer’s, Claire’s and even Dollar Stores sell big nerd glasses. This is also a common costume that can easily become slutty. In the Mean Girl world dressing slutty for Halloween is the only way to go.


This is the most common costume I’ve EVER seen. I promise you, you will not have any problems trying to find Waldo Go to almost any college campus and you will see not 40, not 80, but MILLIONS of Waldos. If this isn’t the easiest costume then I don’t know what is. Most people already have the red and white sweaters in their closets, if not there’s always WalMart or Target and even thrift stores. Honestly, if you really wanted to you could probably get the whole outfit from a thrift store. And for the glasses you can just got to a Halloween store and get them for pretty cheap.

These were just some ideas. If you guys want another post of more ideas, just comment and let me know!!! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this!!!! ❤