Control Weight Gain During Holidays

Tis’ the season to get chubby…..

Whether you celebrate holidays or not, this is around the time of year when people seem to rapidly put on a few pounds.  For college students such as myself, it is hard to fight the urge to stuff your face when you get home for Thanksgiving and Winter break.  As college students we tend to stuff our faces with the cheapest and most affordable food we can find and majority of the time it’s the most unhealthiest foods.  So, obviously when we make it home for these individual breaks we tend to over indulge ourselves with the most rich and fatty quality foods. It’s only right because who knows when’s the next time we will receive such a big home cooked meal.

BUT, for some…. they couldn’t agree less. Weight gain is one thing that most people all over the world fear. Here are a few tips to control and avoid weight gain during the holidays and throughout the year.

1.) Eat In Portions

Portion eating is a great way to avoid unwanted weight gain and still eat what you want. Many people all around the world swear by the portion control system. The image above pretty explain how much of what you should be eating.

2.)Working Out

Working out is the most obvious method I could possibly think of. It is said that if you eat an hour before and within the hour of working it helps keeps your metabolism going (in this case try to not over eat if you plan on doing this). Working out helps promote bowel movements and keeps your digestive system moving, which is a very important part of being a living creature on this Earth.  Also, if you have already gained weight you can just do your best and work off all the extra weight you’ve gained.

3.) Avoid Sleeping After Eating and Late Night Snacks

This is probably one of the worst things you could do!!!!! You chances of getting heart burn or indigestion go WAY up.

Sleep is the time for your body to recovery from all the torture you’ve put it through while conscious, so when you eat right before you go to bed you are not giving your body the proper resting period it needs and it also can lead you to break out overnight.
Even though your bodily functions are still going on while you are sleep, you are not being physical, you body is laying down for several hours with minimum movement, all those calories you just took in will become stored energy which is basically a nice way of saying FAT.


Water is vital to all life forms on Earth including us!!!!!
But water really helpful with trying to control your weight. Water helps keep your body and it’s organs hydrated and fully functional. So, drinking water keeps help promote bowel movements. Also, if you drink water during a meal, it will help give you fol your body that it is full, and it will help reduce the amount of food you take in.

5.) Just Slow Down and Pace Yourself……

Common mistake for most people. Majority of the time we don’t even realize that we are doing this.
The best way to solve this is to just pace yourself. Taking your time eating helps give the illusion that you are full and you will not be tempted to go back for seconds and even thirds.

Please remember that everyone is different and this does NOT guarantee that you will NOT gain weight, these just simply just tips and preventative measures. I hope this helped!!!!  If you have any questions feel free to comment below ❤