The ENDfidelity


Quite a bit can be said about men who seem to have anxieties about certain aspects of their lives such as intimacy and commitment. But since when does every living male on this planet have anxieties regarding their interpersonal relationships.

Psychologist Mark H. Thelen conducted a study to compare the sexes on the Fear-of-intimacy scale. The study found men actually score higher than women on the scale. This finding supports the thoughts many women across the world regarding men and being terrified of relationships and commitment.

The never-ending debate on whether men are genetically wired to fear relationships and intimacy will never go away and for good reason. There is absolutely no proof or evidence that suggests men can’t be monogamous. Yet women are convinced that males cannot commit. But why?

When it comes to monogamy and showing any sort of affection, people automatically think of women. In most cultures, women are seen as the caretaker and men are seen as the protector and breadwinner. As early as history has been recorded men have been the dominant sex and among men the alpha male is promiscuous. As time goes on, the promiscuity is more for pleasure and to demonstrate masculinity than it is for reproduction.

A considerable number of acts of promiscuity and relationship anxiety are taught behaviors, not learned. The responsibility of these actions should typically be placed on what parents, peer groups and the media are teaching men and boys what it means to be a “real” man. Activist, Jackson Katz stated in the 2013 documentary Tough Guise 2 that from an early age men are taught to always rough and rarely show emotion.

Today in Western culture, many men praise other men for promiscuity and having the cliché bachelor life. It’s presumed by some that if you are monogamous in a relationship or sexually, then you are not a real man. Men’s social standards for each may be the root of why women are so quick to assume that all men are not willing to commit.

20th Century Fox felt as though it was absolutely necessary to embody the idea of hot shot promiscuous adulterer once again in a new film called The Other Woman. The whole concept of the film is a successful, highly attractive businessman is cheating on his wife, his mistress and his second mistress.

Without passing judgment on anyone’s lifestyle or pop culture, this begins the praise cycle of those men who glamorize adulterous acts and having multiple partners.

America has become utterly infatuated with pop culture, so when the news and social media tend to unknowingly commend particularly famous men for their adulterous ways it gets instilled that it is an acceptable act. Over the course of the years we’ve seen the media attention that men such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robin Thicke and Bill Clinton received for their extramarital activities. The headlines may indicate that their actions are being condemned, but the bigger message the media is giving is that this is what’s popular and this is what is going to get you noticed by many.

Numerous other research studies questioned the motives behind men’s infidelity and lack of commitment. The website, EverydayHealth claims that approximately 56 percent of men have admitted to have anxieties about relationships and intimacy, which resulted in infidelity.

This machismo themed conclusion is negative in the sense that this is not how majority of men should be represented. The barrier some men were taught to have up at all times must come down at some point and during an intimate relationship is the time that is expected to happened. Sometimes that does not happens which leads to feelings of emotional disconnection.

Whether these actions carried out are deemed good or bad it will continue to happen. The various research studies being conducted, the thousands of dollars spent on couple’s therapy, the number of individual admitting and being victimized will only increase with time. One person’s mess should not account for an entire demographic.



Kimye Does It Again!!!!

Can someone please explain to me what I just watched!

Bound2 is a great song, I have always been a Kanye West fan! That man has talent just dripping off of him, but this video was just weird needless to say.  Jeannie Mai was not exaggerating when she said it was full of Lisa Frank magic.

Look Kimye, the people of the public understand you guys love each other and you have an adorable baby but this video was just too much. There is more than enough going on in this video that some people may not get. All the close ups to Kim Kardashian’s face and her being topless…. yeah you can’t actually see her boobs but trust me she didn’t leave much to the imagination. Also, what was the point of Kanye being on a motorcycle with Kim virtually dry humping him. This is not the video I imagined for this song!!!! I pictured a sort of home-video type music video, that would of been beyond cute!

But overall, if you look past the odd creativity behind the music video and some of the explicit lyrics you’ll see the true beauty of the video. It’s just two people in love and in a weird way I like Kimye. Don’t Judge me!!!!! Check it out for yourself!

Really check out the video, it may give you a nice chuckle or you’ll just think it’s cute, I’m kinda in between!!!! ❤

Look like a Victoria Secret Model with New Workout Playlist!!!!!


HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!! You know what that means….. New Years Resolution!!!!! Many of you want to look like a Victoria Secret model…. but don’t have the motivation or maybe you just don’t have the right music. Well here is a few songs that I absolutely adore and love to work out to and can be sure to make you want to get up and bust a move….Yes, I said bust a move.

1.) Sexy B*tch- David Guetta Ft. Akon

Everytime I go to the club or a party and this song comes on I make sure people know that this is MY SONG!!!!! I always tell people David Guetta wrote this about me!!!! ❤

2.) Dance Floor-  Melissa Molinaro

Now THIS is my jam!!!!!! Melissa is very underrated…. At least she got some shine when Kim Kardashian sued Old Navy because of her…..

3.)Let’s Go- Calvin Harris Ft. Ne-Yo

This song makes me want to go run a lap or two.  Ne-Yo is just motivating you to just get up and do your thing throughout this song!!!! It’s not now or never like he says in the song!!!!

4.)Step On It- Kayla Ft. Lil Jon

If I was a blonde this would be my theme song…. ENOUGH SAID

5.)Beautiful, Dirty, Rich- Lady Gaga

I just love Lady Gaga in general… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!!

6.)Up N’ Down- Britney Spears

Britney Spears, one of my idols and FAVORITE artists, never fails when it comes to bringing the good dance music!!!! Even though this song was never released as a single it is my favorite song from Femme Fatale.

7.)Take Over Control- Afrojack Ft. Eva Simons

This song came out it seems like forever ago but to this day I can still listen to this song about a billion times and not get tired of it.

8.)Why Don’t You Love Me- Beyonce

Everyone loves Beyonce!!!!! Well at least I do!!! This song has a good beat and keeps a nice pace…. good for running or jogging.

9.)Sleazy- Ke$ha

This song is just so darn catchy!!!! The remix Sleazy 2.0 Ft. Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, T.I. & André 3000 is EVER BETTER!!!!!

10.)On The Floor- Jennifer Lopez Ft. Pitbull

Since the beginning I’ve been a Jennifer Lopez fan and I love Pitbull too….. This was probably the most over played song of 2011 and I still play this song out.


  1. Havana Brown- We Run The Night Ft. Pitbull
  2. Chris Brown- Beautiful People Ft. Benny Benassi
  3. Christina Aquilera- Your Body
  4. Alex Gaudino- What A Feeling Ft. Kelly Rowland
  5. Neon Hitch- FU Betta
  6. Nicole Scherzinger- Wet
  7. Paradiso Girls- Who’s My B*tch
  8. Wynter Gordon- Til’ Death
  9. The Wanted- Glad You Came
  10. Rihanna- Jump

Soon I will post a fantastic combo different workout routines that anyone can do, all you need is dedication and patience!!!!! I apologize if any links are broken, if by any chance some of them are PLEASEEE let me know….. and if you guys want me to list more music feel free to comment and let me know!!!! logo

Till The World Ends!!!!!

Till The World Ends!!!!!

It’s December 21,2012….Central Time and the world has yet to end….. JUST SAYING!!!!!! Today I’m going to do what my girl Britney Spears said…. KEEP ON DANCING TILL THE WORLD ENDS!!!!! Related articles I’m a Huge Fan: Britney Spears – … Continue reading