Way To Be Obvious Rihanna and Chris Brown


I think I speak for everyone when I say, ” We already knew.”, recently Rihanna and Chris Brown or should I say “Chrihanna” have unofficially made it official once again by their constant tweeting and photo ops. I mean honestly EVERYONE knew. If you didn’t know these two were back together then you should probably slap yourself.

Quite frankly I think they are adorable and they keep me entertained….. So, I’m not complaining. Plus, I don’t really care about what these two do because regardless of what people say they are going to do whatever they want….Recently Rihanna uploaded a photo on Instagram of her on top of Chris, and this picture sparked an uproar of criticism. Also, they did record “Birthday Cake” and recently “Nobody’s Business” together and those songs alone were a dead give away to how they felt.

At the end of the day, these two are richer than me and probably everyone reading this right now….. and they seem happy!!!!! And happiness is all that matters right. I love both of their music and they BOTH crack me up on Twitter sooo pssh I’m fine.

My opinion is that I really like these two…. They say it ain’t nobody’s business but constantly put all their business out there and I’m going to keep being nosey.

Moral Of The Story:

They aren’t going anywhere….. TRUST AND BELIEVE ME


2 thoughts on “Way To Be Obvious Rihanna and Chris Brown

  1. I love these guys together! Yeah he made mistakes; I’m sure she did too, and while what he did was unforgiveable, how many of us have made bad choices in love? Everyone deserves a second chance. Fingers crossed they all work out – they are the cutest couple! 🙂

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