Miley Cyrus Vs. Lance Bass

miley vs. lance

If you do not live under a rock you would know that recently Miley Cyrus got rid of that weave or should I say her “hair” and has gone bleach blonde. Personally, I think Miley Cyrus is beautiful and the haircut is hot BUT….. about 10 minutes ago I was minding my own business catching up on my celeb news and I come across the picture(To the Left) of Miley in this oversized turtle.

And my first reaction was OH MY GOSH!!!!! She looks like Lance Bass(To The Right)!!!!!! For those who don’t know who Lance Bass is, he is most famous for being in one of the greatest boy bands, N’Sync….. Even though I was Backstreet Boys type of girl. Lance Bass and he frosted locks melted girls hearts all over the world, until the group disbanded and Bass kind of disappeared for sometime until he wanted to go into space and then announced he was gay. But that’s not the point here, the point is this is NOT a flattering picture of Ms. Cyrus.

At the MTV VMA‘s Miley looked like P!nk’s mini me. they had the exact same hairstyle but I thought they BOTH looked fierce!!!!
Moral of The Story:justin-bieber-not-charged-paparazzi-gi

This haircut is obviously what’s hot….. No many women can pull off this haircut  and still look gorgeous like Miley!!!!! This was just not a cute picture….. She truly looks like she could be Justin Bieber’s big brother or the spawn of Ellen. Just saying……

This is by no means to bash or insult anyone. This is my opinion and sorry if anyone was offended by this ❤



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