Mint is the NEW black!!!!!


So, I sat here and asked myself…… What is a fashion trend from the Spring AND the Summer,  that will carry on into the Fall. I will give you a hint…..LOOK AT THE TITLE!!!!!

If you still couldn’t tell here’s the answer, MINT!!!! I absolutely love this trend that is going on. It is definitely a fashion relief. Think of this as a break from the conventional Fall colors such as brown,tan and even black and white.  But you can also incorporate those colors I just mentioned to go along with this trendilious trend.  I am going list a two looks down below that would be Fall appropriate.

Look 1:

Mint 2

This look is all about COLOR BLOCKING!!!!!  The flashy gold flash paired with the pastel orange shirt and the mint jeans makes this look a great look to go out on the town with the girls and have a drink or two. You could also pair this exact outfit with a small tan cardigan and make this is super cute outfit for class.

Look 2:

Mint 1
The combination of the over-sized sweater,white jeans and nude flats makes this a great Sunday relaxing look. This look is simple and straight to the point. You could always replace the flats with a pair of nude pumps and makes this a fabulous date night look.

You can get similar looks from Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe or your local clothing store.<3



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